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Level Two
2002 to 2004

these years I lived downtown across from the Teniente Guerrero park

46th & 47th years of the space age

come see for yourself
foreign neighbor look into ancient
Mexico from Tijuana frontier corner of 1st & Revolucion in 1955 coming up from the river into town in the early 1920s horseless carriage at monument stone before crossing river into town

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identity twin cousin

looking into millennial Mexico
from Tijuana on the homeland patria frontier

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from this dusty star-eyed vision of a
child to the burnt out zebra lost in a bar

aqui empiece la patria - the homeland starts here
where one world ends and another stops

ham.burguesa marxista cristiano sí no
deportado a la moda globalizada
from this edge of the earth

p o s m o d e r n o           p o s t m o d e r n

hard work yogi manana bwana
art  culture  food  history

migration and maquiladora tourism 
in the twin provinces of California

to the life                        to the death
beyond this       end       of the earth

m i l l e n n i a l                     d r i v e l
where one world starts and another begins

one little two little three little gringos
babble scribble garabato bla bla babelonia

language       politics       on the ocean

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sí                                     see

the possibility of crossing the frontier
whether carried out or not
licenses dreams
and permits the incestuous
of different orders of
          - Debra A. Castillo

with especial thanks to Gary at webnetarts and Rubygro at digthatcrazyfaroutplanetman


Root page index.html for all these Tijuana gringo pages. Tecate entrada a superhighway carretera cuota wild mountain canyon toll ruta a Tecate Otay Mesa, another of the big flat spaces, split down the middle by the international border, dividing the ancient rancho Otay. Tijuana Aeropuerto, en seguida de the international border Colonia Libertad -- old hillside neighborhoods across the river from downtown Cerro Colorado - the Red Hill - surrounded by rodeado por megalopoli Valle de las Palmas - lugar donde va llegar el arroyo nuevo del Eductor place where the new stream of water will come from the Eductor. Valle of el Florido - industria, casas, megalopoli La Presa - the reservoir/dam - Abelardo Rodriquez Camionera Central de Autobuses 5&10 cincoydiez Buena Vista delegacion La Mesa, lado este east side of the ciudad Agua Caliente - sitio de vanished casino e hipodromo track Free Road - Camino Libre - a Rosarito y Ensenada Zona Rio -- new shopping entertainment zone beside the river channel San Ysidro Gate @ La Linea Downtown el Centro original y una 
vision de la madness locura. Altamira Casa de la Cultura Colonia Soler -- Landscape over hilltop colonias entre 
downtown and the beach/playas. Colonia Soler -- Landscape over hilltop colonias entre 
downtown and the beach/playas. Border frontera linea plunging into the sea. Tijuana River nature reserve - beach, swamp, solitude.
New metal fence stops southern access. Playas de Tijuana with 
my girlfriend Tere. Scenic tollroad carretera cuota a Rosarito y Ensenada.
                      want to klik map see klik map Tijuana from space?


a spent cardboard rocket      
a crushed plastic bottle
a spattering of confetti

the street in Tijuana

on the day after
new year

Our Mission: To look into ancient postmodern Mexico from the border @ Tijuana while we indulge our hypergraphia and logomania and hopefully encourage others to come visit and enjoy this unique city at the end of the earth.

Nuestra Misión: Mirar hacía postmodern México antiguo desde la frontera macaronica @ Tijuana mientras que damos rienda a nuestra hipergrafia y logomania con optimismo de animar a la gente que visitiesen y disfrutiesen esta ciudad unica al final del mundo.

Economy @ Whitman

invite any number of great lines                   
to lean and loaf at ease in Tijuana

gather grass futures when worlds collide
cultures fornicate languages cross-dress

a rich man on the hilltop fears no storm
hiring helicopters to hold up his house

addicts in riverbed beg coins for food
five tacos gets them crystal rock drug

while a million others only want work
to buy a house build a car go to school

on the other side of the line consumer
desire trickles down trash from heaven

this is the true poem of border life
objects in mirror are closer than they

appear .

my double and I cyberspace from internet cafe little yellow building up that street
mi doble y yo nos ciberspaciamos del café internet ese puesto amarillo allá

Mike and Danl cyberspace from internet cafe little yellow building up that street - click to see more postcards digthatcrazyfarout.com thanx to rubysteve.


  • Enter Rambling Essays on Diverse Subjects of Touristic Interest: Drinking, Driving, Walking, Busses, Taxis, etc.

  • "gringo"="griego"=it's all greek to meeeeee

    English version below

    Tijuana Mapatext

  • our own little megalopolis of pages - A Geographic/Historical Meander around about the Border City

    WHY should you come to Tijuana?

  • Seven Reasons

    Tijuana Links

  • We have looked into these and decided they are worth certain diddly

    Baja California Links


    Diary/Diario we:blog

  • sometimes bilingual
    de vez en cuando bilingüe
    Diaryblog Calendar*io

    TJ Poemas

  • poetry about Tijuana
    mostly in English, some in Spanish
    Antarctica, Cantina, Chill, 11 Octubre, en la Ballena, Galactic Frontera, Halcon-nocturno, Manifiesto Playas, Night-Hawk, Porque me regañas, Tacos El Rey, Vanguardista
  • poemas sobre Tijuana
    mucho en inglés pero sí hay unos en español

    Escritores Tijuanenses

  • colección de poemas y prosas escritos por otras gentes como Victor Soto, JuanCarlos Dominguez, Miguel Agni, Raquel Presa y (with some translation into English)

  •    Frontera galactica

    "¿Es su proprio mundo, no?"
    Oh no; no, no, no.

    Es mucho mas, Horacio, de lo que tú o yo
    nunca podamos soñar en nuestra filosofia.

    Mundo de frontera que mide tres mil kilometros
    desde Texas Tamaulipas hasta la orilla del Pacifico


    yo solamente escribo una piedra al oeste de esta larga
    cadena de perlas polvorientas aunque esta joya
    de Tijuana tiene más de lo que puede caber en mi pluma.

    No solamente un mundo, ni estrella, ni constelación,
    sino una galaxia... no, dos galaxias
    chocando, rompiendo océanos de estrellas
    de cada uno de sus cuerpos, intercambiando nuestra
    nebulosa, combinando gases, polvo, fuego,
    y hielo en tormentas de creación y muerte.

    Ninguna palabra puede hacer justicia a este evento;
    nosotros solamente podemos, como el Buda,


    Galactic Frontier   

    "It's its own world, no?"
    Oh no; no, no, no.

    Tis much more, Horatio, than you or I
    can ever dream in our philosophy.

    World of frontera runs two thousand miles
    from Texas Tamaulipas to Pacific shore


    I write only one stone west on that long
    chain of dusty pearls, yet this Tijuana
    gem holds more than I can fit in my pen.

    Not a single world, star, constellation,
    but a galaxy... no, two galaxies
    in collision, ripping oceans of stars
    from each other's bodies, exchanging our
    nebulae, combining gasses, dust, fire
    and ice in storms of creation and death.

    No words can do justice to this event;
    we may only, like the Buddha, point at


    Pedestrians can follow new sidewalks along the old bridge street up into downtown toward the new Millennium Arch and Plaza Santa Cecilia at First & Revolution.  This is all part of the ongoing redevelopment and reconstruction of the "corredor turistico"...

    [streetgrafic severely edited from foto shot by refriedgringo]

    See: Walking from the border

    11  OCTUBRE  2001

    beisbol on TV set
    Tijuana burger corner

    northwest @ 1st and I

    one and two to a guy
    who has hit all season

    announcer voice cuts air
    customers mutter over tables

    burgers and hot dogs sizzle
    English Spanish grill

    we all agree to
    forget the war


    up the middle still
    one to nothing .

    Translation services (Daniel in partnership with licenciada L. Ruiz -- please query/contact us via email tijuanagringo@yahoo.com or dancharthos@yahoo.com )

    Our specialty nuestra especialidad: poetry/poesia y otra traducción literaria and other literary translation


  • University of Mexico (UNAM) Instituto de Investigaciones Filologicas, un pasado visible, un sitio web website de poetry/poesia sobre arte antiguo ancient art (and ruinas: our/nuestro love/amor), translated to English from Spanish, you may review pueden revisar @ libromexdigital.com

  • abstracts/resumenes para la revista academica Literatura mexicana

  • John Kenneth Turner articulos (socialista U.S. circa 1915) de inglés a español, para una investigadora del Colegio de Mexico

  • Naty & Pepe cuentos/stories de la filanthropa y escritora tijuanense Norma Bustamante, illustrados por Franco Mendez Calvillo

  • Other work with Baja California poets, e.g.: Victor Soto Ferrel, Elizabeth Cazessus, and future project hopes....

  • Why are we here living in Tijuana?

  • Two reasons, a thousand reasons.

  • Why should You visit Tijuana?  Seven reasons.

    OTHER CONTENTS @ Tijuana Gringo:


  • Poetry written by the identical gringo cousins about ancient and modern Mexico


  • true stories told to the gringo twincousins


  • myths and realities of old and new Tijuana

    Andar tras mesoamérica (Going after ancient America)

  • Mike and Danial's obsession with ancient ruins and cultures.

    The Onyx City

  • Fragments of a neocolonial novel set in Baja California by our HTML coder Phil Relmond

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  • WANNA SEE THE PLACE WHERE THE WORLD ENDS?? just take a city bus (50 cent @ 2004) to the beach (playas de Tijuana) to see the place where the border fence (new Berlin wall) plunges into the sea at the end of the earth

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