tijuana gringo

From the dusty estrellada vision de un child
a la burntout zebra	perdida en a bar stool
wondrous jugetes magnificos toys and plaster
cardboard carton heroes rose from women 
falling under busses kidnapped poetas
desaparacidos	ravaging valley fires
indendios sobre la sierra la guerra

chess sets ajedrez de marmol
m u e r t o	@  Babylonia		.

Burros pintados zebras tumbling magic blocks
William Carlos Williams atras de Charles Bukowski
bolas on a stick		c o w b o y	vaquero
string-puppet titeres en tricolor new bridges
over the nuevos puentes y rio flood	RE-development

from quickie divorce sex to cheap factory wages
m a q u i l a d o r a	 @	Tijuana

pharmacy mariachi banda tecno nortena punk rock rap

from 10,000 border hybrid grandparents
Armenian German  French Spanish  Latin


2,000,000 half-brown Mexicans whose
parents believe in this heaven and hell
frontier			killing
daughter of a bartender
son of a gun		flung from a car
hung by the neck	on
the border bridge	shouting out


be it saint or soldier	murderer politician
street taco salesman	ruta taxi conductor
exotic dance gambler    deadly karaoke ghost

Tijuas in the blinding	 eye of a gringo
borderline 	poet
	reborn @	taco versos .

Daniel Charles Thomas