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http://www.bajalinks.com/ A massive set of compiled links far more complete and comprehensive than our little handfull... maybe save for last, or just go there and forget about us heh heh heh....

To NOW from 140 million years ago—see "Plate Tectonics: How Baja California and the Sea of Cortés were Formed." http://www.oceanoasis.org/fieldguide/geology1.html

POETRY! A collection of Baja California poetry with translation, at Jacket online review.

A physical description written over 200 years ago -- una descripción de más de 200 años pero aún muy apto -- BILINGÜE.

Boating.com - the complete boating resource. For you yachtsmen and women thinking of cruising south!

Baja Traveler Magazine with a 2002 issue up and available and a 2004 issue announced.

http://www.todobaja.com/ en español para los que realmente son de acá y para los gringos que puedan soñar también en español

some maps of baja helpfully put up by http://www.bajadestinations.com

Baja Quest - "Gateway to the land of adventure" ...looks okay except every time we look their time machine calendar says we've gone back to 1998 or some such shut...

Bajamundo and hey... check out his pictures of street dogs in Baja California and then there's even more dogs out there, yes there are... attractive, clean, non-pushy, (dare we say it:) artistic, yes. A pleasant Baja site. So far seems miraculously free of popups and commercial crap.

Baja Life staightforward, commercial offerings.

gorgeous spaceview of baja. slow loading at first...
"Revisit often as I build the pages!" A personal site well worth the visit, by a fellow Mexiloco who says: "Baja has been in my blood since 1965, when my parents began their travels south in a Jeep Wagoneer.... In recent years, business, marriage, and children have reduced the trips taken into Baja. But, with the Internet we can revisit Baja daily!"

information... "The definitive Baja web site serving Baja enthusiasts since 1995!" Sometimes is dead and unserving.

www.baja-web.com Commercial but not obnoxious (or not tooooo so).

http://www.sandiego-online.com/baja -- Paula's online Baja page -- Through the "San Diego Online" site. Info with a personal touch. SHUT DOWN 2003 we do not know why. This link deactivated but left in place to remind us to check it out later as it was a REALLY good, informative set of pages. Paula? Where are you? ANSWER: It appears she is involved with www.bajalinks.com/

http://www.maps-of-mexico.com/baja-california-norte-mexico/baja-california-norte-state-mexico-map-main.shtml -- maps of the state of Baja California (with access to all of Mexico).

The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth -- Clickable Map Search -- Access to all photographs since 1961, get lists within 2.5 x 2.5 degree blocks. For space photos of Baja and all the Earth.

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