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Manifesto : Beaches

Green sea moss and black mussels colonize
our western tip of the new Berlin wall.

Steel piles drive straight out into the ocean.
Only a chihuahua can squeeze through now.

Above high tide, crossbeams and panel sheets
appear as waffled tracks of metal plate.
Interlocking jigsaw cutting teeth weld
and rivet themselves onto iron bones.

Our border friendship park has been locked down.

Facing south onto this beach, immigrant
rights activists hang up large white crosses.

Black letters spell out names of hundreds
dead since operation gatekeeper began.

Many names say "no identificado."

Somewhere else, someones release balloons
for memory of those missing lives.

Art is but small respite from politics.

In the sand, Mexican children play with
families and picnics.
and border patrol wait for low tide.

gringo tijuanense

              Tijuanimagen :  Poemas :  Linea/Border

Copyright 2002 Daniel Charles Thomas -- Derechos Reservados