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N i g h t - h a w k

with your lights, Night-hawk,
with your sensors and prison


lit up like God's own Christmas gonna make
a movie -- lights, camera, action !

Wham    WHam      WHAm         WHAM m m m m
m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m

the string of floodlamps glowers fifteen
miles from the beach to wild Otay mountain

gleaming pearls lighting up the border but
not around your throat, Night-hawk, no,

more like a scar, and not jagged
no, the Earth our mother is jagged
in her mountain thighs and canyon womb

but you my beloved fear
are perfectly straight

like the poet's ruler line
stretched across my page

except you scratch the flat wall
scar on the flesh of our planet

not paper up against the wall
motherfucker, and -- Fire !


no, Night-hawk, yes .

Aye, patrol, with your border lights
and green trucks

nightvision telescopes and infrared visors
eyes glowing red like chupacabras

put the fear of demon god in those migrant
hearts from the South they still believe

in the almighty yankee dollar who
wants them to work our savior

you can hear their footsteps, Night-hawk
in the secret ground sensors from

the Indochina war, or why did it take
two years to find the latest tunnel ?

Watch your step, brother .   Don't fall .

gringo tijuanense

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