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PLAYAS   DE   TIJUANA      por   Tere   la   Potosina   14va

Cocoanuts and seafood shacks
terrace above the sea    where
someone's    life    got    saved    today -
          pulled    from    cold    water
                          and    carried    ashore .
A    multitude    of    lifeguards    and    firemen
          drove  their  trucks    and  jeeps   along
          the beach   toward    that worried knot
          of      brown and white      men with
          red floats slung across their shoulders .
You could almost see them breathe
          with relief over the little creature
whose arms moved,
          whose head
turned           alive
on the sand      as
we all watched
          from  above
                on   the   oceanfront   promenade .

I taught my girlfriend how to recognize
          rip tides           today
by sight
                     gazing out across the sea
picking out
          those jagged currents hidden in
          patterns of water not so easily
          seen when you're right
          down next to it .
Relations are something else
          I must drink
but don't want to drown
          hands    and    arms    clasping
          on this tide vanished shore .
Someone applauded when we kissed - but
we didn't see any painted donkeys there
          only dolphins and children
          playing castles of sand .

Tijuana Gringo

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