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¿Porque me regañas?

if I had only known he would climb the wall
no more green trucks

could find him twisting their senses, your common
sense walking carefully

as he fell seven stories to the
cement ground

past the planets, days of the week
and Pythagoras

out there, alone on the new Berlin wall in reverse
wanting in not out

across this bloody line between fiction
and history

bible and fact

cuento e historia
and all

God mercy captives crossing over their
red sea night .

the wire, the fence, the desert mountain was a
wall to his left and right

where the Lord caused the wind to
blow all night

and the water went out between
us, my friend

when you said he was worthless, throw him away
don't write about him ugly

you know you wrote me about it
por que no

used your european pen to scold me

but then the time came that you, too,
crossed over

and never came back .   from the
other side .

where space shuttle empires make
russian deals

to get into space .   where that all-night
wind came down .

he knew it .   you knew it .

¿so porque me regañas?

why do you errode me, break me,
knock me down?

I only wanted to be friends .

but still you sneered when he jumped
the fence to hell instead

of this gate where your birth
passes you free

where the river makes the mountain kiss
and tell the sea .

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