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  • BORDER WEB-CAMS A collection of Tijuana webcams online for the San Ysidro gate (Puerta Mexico) and Otay Mesa.  An incestuous relationship between the municipal government and the big telephone company - "we are pleased to serve you" etc.

  • ZOOM-In Tijuana map site Reader Chris "came across a neat Tijuana mapping website: http://www.coordenada.info/ . You can even enter the name of a colonia, for example "nueva tijuana", and get a map etc."

  • POETRY! A collection of Tijuana and Baja California poetry with translation, at Jacket online review.

  • http://www.regionalworkbench.org NEW NEW NEW geo data etcet

  • http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/~irsc/index.html San Diego State University site with solid information, especially: Tijuana, Basic Information

  • http://www.edcenter.sdsu.edu/rwb/shockwave/start.htm NEW NEW NEW overviews of region and watersheds data etcet

  • Hungry? The Hungry Hiker's Guide to Tijuana Dining -- brief reviews of multiple restaurants. We agree with much of what they have to say, and it looks like they are eating everywhere around town!! Now we are hungry just from reading it.

  • Reader David Sanchez wrote to say: "Here is a link you might want to add www.bytheborder.com -- seems parece que to be up-to-the-minute ultimos reportes reports sobre las garitas on border gate trafico etc." They also have data on restaurants, bars, etc. The traffic reports can be found there at: insideaddress to tell you wait times, etc., help you prepare for crossing whether in car, on foot, or just out there in your cyberspace armchair travel licensessss dreams and permitsthe incestuous cohabitation of different orders of realityyyyyy... like Debra Castillo said.

  • BEST found so far: An engaging and (dare we say it) artistic set of photographs taken by "gringos".

  • Honorable Mention: the diary of "Pulp Gringo" -- he posts some of his photos, along with writing freely about his life and loves. This is another gringo, not us, FYI.DISABLED 2004 pandering return....

  • Fantastic collection of old T.J. postcards we even stole *shudder* (no! not us!Ąż?) a few -- or haven't you nOtiCeD?

  • Maps/SatelliteView? TerraServer leaks across the border for zoom-in aerial/space views of Tijuana.---"The images from the U.S. Geological Survey, and are freely available for you to download, use and re-distribute. The TerraServer team and the USGS appreciate credit for their work on this project. Find out about TerraServer's images and maps, which we obtained from the US Geological Survey."

  • HISTORY? the Historical Society of Tijuana -- in Spanish. (((SUMMER 2003 -- Link Appears to Be Dead) So WE WARN YOU....))) But enjoyable even if you don't read Spanish -- simply select "Historia" and then select "Historia en Fotos" and then select CASINO or LAS MISIONES or HISTORIA EN FOTOS (this time for the city itself). Or of course you can click right here on those subjects but we are sort of being UNethical in letting you go straight in tsk tsk tsk Michael what ARE you thinking! But they are a sight of easy-going eye-candy with excellent history writing (in Spanish, yes, so learn it, Gringo) and what is more we like the their sponsor's milk (leche Jersey, big culture supporters here). Michael: why don't you show the people something, Dano?... Okay, but talk about being UNethical? Still, here's a sample: the park across the street from where we live on 4th street between F and G... Well, yeah, but who the hell knows what the copyright is on old postcards?! Mmm no, but we didn't copy their elegant border, only the postcard, and then like all good little postmodern artists, we messed around with it.... so the reader will just have to go visit it to see what it once was upon a time then....

  • Municipal Government (in Spanish): www.tijuana.gob.mex

  • Betsy Malloy is a freelance travel writer who will show you photos of Tijuana sitting on a page full of ads, then some popups pop up poppity pop and you close them and more ads appear even while she hurls more popups at you every time you click! But her photos are useful if you wanna look and can deal with all the basura comercial trash que ella tira con su pagina! Yo girl get a clue -- no tiray basura-way! upidstayigpayitchbayouyayache me ick say ji ji ji. Daniel? You hungover again? Nope. No rope neither. Nothin but long hours dingin on the klackity keyboard trying to update everything at once this site is too big for our left hand and our right, alone. Let alone.

  • For a more casual approach, try Galen R Frysinger, of Sheboygan's pictures from both the 70s and 90s -- slow loading but NOT with TONS of ADS like bEtSy was... CURRENTLY (29'03'03) LED TO DEAD LINK will reactivate if they come back in a month or so.

  • http://www.bajaexpo.com/cities/tj.htm more information plus Mexico.

  • www.tijuana.com you can get tourist info here like other sites plus email@tijuana.com....

  • http://www.bajalife.com/tijuana/index.htm -- lots of information

  • http://www.sandiego.edu/tijuana/tjtimeline.html University of San Diego has a good-looking non-commercial site, but their date of casino closure seems incorrect (we think it was 1938, they say 1935, and one of us is wrong).

  • http://www.americas.org/News/Features/200108_Public_Art/200109Schnorr.htm -- article about Border Art Workshop.

  • A flash-heavy site "Tijuana Net" which claims to deliver the universe and Tijuana.

  • http://www.sdro.com/tj.htm
    san diego on line tijuana
    informational advertisements from the more expensive restaurants etc.

  • http://cgi.aros.net/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/sanbachs/mexico2.cgi?City=TIJ
    Based on information contained in the Mexico Travel Database
    (out of date cultural information. e.g. mexitlan [closed] and cecut [new exhibitions])

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